Friday, September 10, 2010

Second story post

Here is a story that I have not completed yet.  It stems from a bedtime story I told to Julia and had re told with different endings, etc.  I have been considering whether this character should be in multiple stories or if I should just pick one and stick to it.  I'm waiting for the little gal to speak to me and let me know what direction to take her in.  The title character is based on a stuffed animal Julia got at the hospital. Many of the characters in my bedtime stories are based on her 'friends.'
As always, I welcome any comments or ideas.  Thanks and I hope you enjoy what I have created so far.
Working title: "The Story of Icicle"

Shivering out in the cold at the base of a large pine tree was a tiny polar bear cub.  Through the blowing snow her eyes were fixed on the brightly lit front door.  There was a pretty wreath on the door with a big red ribbon.  The house looked so warm and inviting.


The little cub carefully made her way to the stairs and started to climb up.  She heard a noise and stopped, almost afraid to move.  Then she heard laughter from inside.  As she started to climb the last two stairs, she heard happy voices behind the big front door.


When the tiny cub reached the front door she reached out her paw and gave it a scratch.  Then she gave it a knock.  It wasn't a loud knock, but it was enough. 


"Mom, I think I heard someone at the door." said a girl's voice.

"Are you sure? Who would be out on a night like this?" replied a woman's voice.


Soon the big door opened a little and a girl with short brown hair and brown eyes looked out.  She didn't see anyone and started to shut the door saying, "Mom, you're right.  No one's there." 


"Shut the door quickly.  Don't let the snow and cold inside." said the woman's voice.


Before the girl could shut the door, the tiny cub let out a small yelp.  The girl looked down and froze in place.  A big smile came across her face and she bent down in the doorway.  She stared at the tiny cub for a moment.


"Honey, shut that door!" came a cry from the woman somewhere beyond the door.


The girl stood up and called back, "But Mom, there's a little bear cub out here.  Come see!"


In a moment, a woman with short red hair wearing an apron was at the door looking down at the cub.  "Oh, honey, it's so tiny!" she said.


"Yeah, Mom, can we bring it inside?  I'm afraid it'll freeze out there tonight."


"I suppose we'll have to, dear." the woman replied.


So the cub was taken inside the cozy house and placed on a pillow in front of a lovely fire.  The cub could hear pretty music playing.  She cuddled up on the pillow and the girl sat down beside her.  The girl petted the cub and put a soft blanket over her.  The tiny cub started to feel all warm and snuggly.


Soon the woman brought a shallow dish of warm milk and set it down by the pillow.  Immediately the cub wiggled out from under the blanket and put her nose down in the dish and drank slowly.  She seemed to be savoring every drop.  Feeling its warm goodness go down her throat, filling her empty tummy.


In a little while the girl called to her mother, "Mom can we give her something to eat?"


"Yes." was the answer that came from the kitchen.


The little girl got up and went to the kitchen.  After a short time, she returned with a small plate of tuna.  She placed the dish down next to the pillow.  The little cub wiggled out from under the blanket again and nibbled up the tuna until it was all gone.  She looked up at the girl and smiled, then got herself back under the warm blanket.


The girl watched, mesmerized by the little cub.  She thought that it hardly seemed real.  The cub was pure white with a turned up nose and two sweet black eyes that seemed to smile at her.  She felt that the cub was very special, but couldn't put her finger on why.  So she sat down again next to the pillow and began to stroke the fur on the back of the cubs head.  Relaxing with every touch, the cub snuggled further down against the soft pillow with the warmth of the fire and the blanket reviving her.

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