Sunday, September 26, 2010

Newest Poem

So, now that Autumn is here, my favorite season, and poetry as taken a hold of me, my next subject had to be the new season.
This poem was actually inspired by a piece of music by a favorite pianist, George Winston.  His 'Autumn ' is one of my favorite albums he has done.  The selection "Longing/Love" is my favorite cut on that album.  In whistling it to myself in the car this afternoon, words once again flooded into my head and I had to start writing.  Spent most of the afternoon going over and over it hopefully making it perfect.
Please enjoy.

New Season

September 25, 2010

By Kimberly L. McClune


Colors fill the sky.

Sunset lights the waning sky.

Colors fill the sky

And take my breath away,

Take me to new heights.


That's when the summer sun goes down,

It goes o'er the crest of the far hill.

That's when the summer sun goes down

Harvest full moon rises so high.


The leaves are changing and falling down to the ground

They float and they swirl all around.

The red and gold and russet leaves fall down

They float and they swirl all around.


The wind carries them through a crystal clear sky

And the sun warms the crisp air,

The breezes bring us a feeling of change in our hearts

And we welcome it openly, feeling it, smelling it, tasting it, seeing it.


The Autumn winds have come now.

The air is crisp and clear now.

The leaves have changed to gold now.

And we begin to reap now.


The sun hangs low in the sky.

The leaves float and fill the sky.

The wind whips crisp through the sky.

The full moon shines in the sky.


Glowing with gold

Shining with red

Gleaming yellow

Fiery russet


The changing season fills my heart.

It brings a joy of living.

My eyes are filled with the beauty.

This coming season is a gift.


Long northern shadows scatter on the ground

New glow washes over the land.

Every single thing has a new countenance

And shows a new face to the world.


A brighter sun shines in the new Autumn day

A new breeze fills the air with its song,

Colors, brilliant and new pop up everywhere.

The season is known for;


                falling leaves,

                                                            falling leaves,



                                     falling leaves,



                                                                   falling leaves,



                             falling leaves.


Falling leaves fall.


Glowing with light

Then down they fall.


A new season is here.

Crisp air, new sun, full breeze

Lead us toward the Winter.

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