Monday, March 9, 2015

Silver Morning - A new poem

Sadly, I have had many troubles and life issues to deal with that have taken the desire and inspiration to write poetry from me for a very long time.  However, the winter weather a few weeks ago interrupted my depressing self-dialogue and I penned the following in response to the world that greeted me that morning.

Silver Morning
By Kimberly L. McClune
February 11, 2015

A window frames a fragile scene.
The morning ceiling is layered in gray and white
And a diaphanous haze clings above the glassy sidewalk
That glows golden in a hidden sunrise.

Becoming a part of it,
Illusion shifts to reality
As I take my first steps.

The air is thick, dusted with fog.
Yet a silvery light surrounds me,
Simple, delicate.
It engulfs me.

Tufts of new fallen snow hug every surface
Fluffy and white, dense and rich
Winter boas cling to trees and rooftops
Softening the form of a hardened world.

With the many changes that I have recently undergone in my life, I am planning to spend more time in the practice of writing, not just poetry, but short stories and articles and anything else that comes to mind. 

I have learned that writing that be healing or cumbersome, enjoyable or a chore.  For me, it is a way of healing, rejoicing and completely free self-expression.  When I need to write, I am forced to do so by my very soul. 

May you enjoy this poetic offering and take inspiration from it to read more poetry or do your own creation with words.

Enjoy your impending Spring and I hope to write more very soon to share with you.