Monday, August 3, 2015

Time to Write

I’ve definitely been struggling to have/make time to write lately, whether it’s writing for this blog or just for me.  If you too have this problem, hopefully some of my ideas will inspire you.

Have/Make Time
Because everyone’s lives are different, there are no magic tricks I can provide to give you the time you may want or need to write.  I can only tell you that, if it’s important enough to you, you will have the time

Write First Thing
Writing first thing requires coffee for me.  If I have that, then I can grab paper and pen or my laptop to get started.  I do like to be inspired, even for a blog, but sometimes I just write whatever’s on my mind, like journaling.  The mere act of writing is an exercise in putting words to paper. 

If you’re not a morning person, like me, find a time when you’re alone and can concentrate, perhaps after the kids are in bed.  Grab a cup of tea and off you go!
Writing Prompt/ Write with Someone
Writing from a prompt is a good exercise because it can take you outside your comfort zone.  It can also just be fun.  Spontaneously, and for fun, my daughter and I write a jingle to replace a really bad one from a commercial we just watched. 

Usually I write with my daughter.  At times, I help her with ideas for her stories or edit them.  We also work on our own projects at the same time.  We make writing dates with each other, like every Thursday night. 

If you have a friend who writes, whether local or long distance, make a date to meet up, face-to-face or on line, to write together.  Each of you can come up with a writing prompt then make a date to share your results.  I have an out of town friend with whom I do timed writing prompts.  During a phone conversation we set a theme or idea then call each other back in ‘x’ minutes to share what we did. 

Write on Break
Whether you work in or outside your home, breaks are a time when we move away from our work tasks and relax.  Writing should be relaxing, at least I think so.  Move to a comfy spot with your writing materials, or go get a snack or drink, then open up to a new page and get started.  Maybe you just want to write some thoughts, maybe you’re working on a story or novel, or maybe you want to write a poem.  Make sure to watch your time or set a reminder on your phone so you aren’t late returning to work.

I hope you got some ideas from me and can find a way that works for you.  Remember, to be a good writer, you have to practice writing.  TTFN, Ta-ta for now!