Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Second Poem Post

O.K. so this time my poem is about the sky before sunset.  Once again I am in the car and checking out the sky, which is streaked with light in such a fascinating way.  My head is once again filling with words before I can get to my destination and write them all down. Notes for this were taken at stop lights on my trip. The poem itself was completed after I got home.  No I do not write while I am driving, at least not very often. Hope you like it.

Evening Sky

September 14, 2010


Patterned clouds,

Rays of sun,

Patches of soft grays,

Woven with delicate filaments.


Quilted fragments of sunset.

Shining, wispy threads,

Stitched with light,

Designed by Heavens Hand.


By Kimberly L. McClune


My daughter has offered to paint a picture to depict this poems images.  I will endeavor to figure out how to post that once it's complete.

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