Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Break

So, my daughter is on summer break and we are trying to have a somewhat scheduled day of activities together. We both love to read and write, both journal and creative writing.  We also both want to exercise together over the summer so we will swim this afternoon and are walking the other days of the week.

I'm hoping to get more than journal writing done with her.  She has great ideas for stories and has written some very nice little plays in the past.  I think it would be fun to write poems together.  She is better at rhyming than I am, in fact, I purchased a rhyming dictionary recently.

So along with my job hunting and working for my friends small business, I am going to be doing some fun things with my girl that will hopefully produce more poems in the near future.  After all, someday I may have enough to feel I can publish a small book of my work.

So leave you, my readers, with some poetic thoughts from a day not to long in the past when I took a walk along a small canal near our little cottage of a home.

'The sky, blue and clear,
Rimmed with clouds fluffy, white,
Sparse, scattered Spring clouds
Cling to the horizon daring not to venture
To the center of the heavenly azure dome.'

Enjoy the remains of the season and prepare for the increased warmth of the next my friends.

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