Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yes, It's a new poem

Given all the time I now have, one would think I'd be producing so much work, poems, stories, etc.  Well, I wish that were true. 
Today, however, I took a walk in the cool morning air and was so inspired and refreshed. 
For years I have found that I go 'outside' myself when I am in nature, outdoors, away from the confines of society (buildings).  That happened to me this morning.  An open conversation happened between me and my Creator, something that hasn't happened in years.  It took only moments to remember that He is everywhere and in everything, at least in my perception.
This poem was born of that realization.

Everything is You
By Kimberly L McClune
April 19, 2012

Lord, I sense You
In everything.
Nothing is without You.

Hearing You
Trees whispering
As wind moves through,
Bird's song
One calling to another.

New petals
Stretching to the Sun,
Clouds drifting
Across the heavens,
Images of You.

Trees bark
Rough, textured by time
Yet gentle, soft
Sand against the tide,
I touch You.

Sweet floral perfume
Rising from a garden,
Rich, pungent pine
Carried down a mountain
Embody Your essence.

On my palate
Fruits, tart
Refreshing nourishment,
Breads, wholesome,
Crusty yet tender sustenance.

Yes, Lord, everything,
Everything is You.

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