Monday, June 18, 2012


Well, the time has come at last.  I'm published!

After submitting a few poems to Poetry Quarterly over a year or so, they chose four of my poems to include in their publications this year.  Two of them are in their Spring Issue.  Check it out on their site.

My two are together on pages 17 & 18.  Smoke and High Rise Thunder.

This has been such a tumultuous year for me that the news of this and then seeing them in the publication brought me to happy tears.  What a joy to see this culmination of my loving work to knit together words into meaningful, thought provoking phrases that would be read by more than just my friends and family.

Today, for me, a dream has truly come to be.  Right now I feel that if I never had another piece published, I have at least touched some lives with my words.  However, I know that in a few days I will be inspired to submit more material to Poetry Quarterly, and even to other publications.

So I invite you to go to the site for this wonderful digest of poetry and enjoy any of their issues that are still available for free or subscribe to them or purchase any issues.  This is a favorite place for me to go to read current poets.

Hope I can sleep tonight!!!
Big Smiles at my house tonight!!

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