Sunday, March 18, 2012

Many things to tell my readers

Though my readers may be few, many things have changed since my last post which was entirely too long ago.

First I must mention that Edmund Vance Cooke, who penned the poem I posted in January, wrote many wonderful poems that I found after that post.  I send thanks to the kindly balloon artist at the local restaurant for recommending him.

Next, I will reveal that I am now no longer employed in the insurance industry and am free to search for employment of another kind, or attempt to continue in that vein.  I have chosen to try for further insurance work because it pays well for someone like me with much experience, however, my dream to be a writer cannot be ignored any longer.  Having the time and the great desire cannot be ignored.

I am, therefore, putting as much effort as possible toward writing.  With the wonderful help of friends, I have been able to connect with a few people in writing fields and have learned of some ways to get into writing as an occupation.

My next wonderful news is that I now have four, yes that's FOUR poems that have been accepted for publication by Poetry Quarterly.  I am bursting still with excitement about that news.  Just when I was content to only share my poems with my parents, a few friends and the people at the Writer's Circle at the library, I find that my work is getting noticed by those outside my little circle.

As Maria said in the famous movie, "When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window."

Well, even though a rather important door closed for me, some very beautiful windows are opening and I am so glad for them all.

Finally, I will post a couple of newer poems that I have not posted before.

Dream in Color
By Kimberly L. McClune
February 26, 2012

Flashes of moments cross my mind
Faces known and unknown speak to me
What they say I can’t remember
For a moment I am in a house
Then I am by a stream
Oh, the colors of this dream!

At first a simple room, I am alone
Then crowds appear in a marketplace
Everyone is trying to go somewhere
Where, I don’t know no one will say
Yet we’re on a team
Oh, the colors of this dream!

In a field, with a child hand in hand
Picking flowers and singing
Yellow and orange speckled greens
Surrounded by houses, now in a yard
Following the sunbeams
Oh, the colors of this dream!

Walking with her, talking with her
Caring for her is my pledge
Winding road, speeding car
Dream it over, and over, and over
I have saved her it seems
Oh, the colors of my dreams!

Running, we are being chased
Who are they running with me?
It chases us down a hall filled with people
Around corners to the water tank
We must jump was its scheme
Oh, the colors of my dream!


Blustery Day
By Kimberly L. McClune
December 31, 2011

Constant wind whispers past
Pressed upon it
Wave after wave of gusts
Each stronger than the next
Howling, pushing, wailing
Forcing their way
Ringing through distant chimes
Whistling through trees
Branches bend, sway, dance
At once calm
At once fierce
Beneath the gusts
Ever constant wind
Like a locomotive
Pulling cars behind it.

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