Friday, August 26, 2011

Revised poem post

The following is the revision and final version of a poem I posted a little while ago.  After it was read by a few folks, I made a few changes and hope you like it as well or better than it's original.

New Morning
By Kimberly L. McClune
May 13, 2011

Long cool shadows stretched across glossy turf.
Bud, blade, branch
Adorned with crystal droplets
Kindled by speckled sunlight.

Chirp embellished breezes
Whisper through newly appointed boughs.

Pungent with recent rain,
Air full and sweet envelopes arms, shoulders,

Brightened orient rises,
Shunning old, empty billows.
Azure heaven emerges
Inviting new day's bloom.

Revised July 5, 2011

New information: After starting to attend a Writer's Circle at a local library, I have made friends with a fellow poet.  She and I have met up and talked poetry, our lives and our inspiration over pie.  We have very different writing styles, but find common ground in almost every poem we share with each other.  Last night we shared a few poems and I found out that she strongly dislikes Canadian Geese and loves the ocean.

I am very excited about the opportunities the circle will bring for growth and learning.  The friendships are welcome also.

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