Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Poems

Here are two new poems out of several that I wrote recently.  The first is from notes I jotted down yesterday morning as I watched the sunrise.  Yes I know yesterday was Saturday and there were no commuters or students, but that is where the poem took me.  The second is a telling of picking crabapples with a friend.  We actually picked three different times last week on our lunch hour.  I sort of rolled it all together.  Enjoy.  Feel free to make comments.

New Day Dawns
By Kimberly L. McClune
September, 18, 2011

Clouds reflect the dawn
Breezes caress the leaves
Colors tint the sky.

Squirrels skitter on branches
Children trek to bus stops
Commuters rush to work.

Watching by the window
The day unfolds before me
How will I fit in today?

Crabapple Picking
By Kimberly L. McClune
September 13, 2011

Across the lane, awaiting branches dip down.
Dotted with ripe redness
The fruit laden limbs beckon us.

Bags in hand, we come prepared to claim our booty.
Fresh sweetness surrounds our senses
As Autumns goodness lies before.

Under a delicious canopy the shiny red fruit,
Guarded by lush green leaves,
Peeks out,
Tempting our fingers to pluck them.

A small thrill makes its way down our arms
Past our elbows, to our fingers
As we reach for our first crabapples of the season.

The firm, ripe crimson, tinted with gold,
Eases gently from its bough.
Some drop to the ground as the branches shake.
Others cling, stubbornly, waiting to be plucked.

Reaching further inward and upward,
The maze of branches calls us to look deeper.
More treasure waits above.

Bags filling, and branches lightening,
The sun slowly makes its way across the heavens.

Woven leaf patterns play on the grass and on our shoulders
As we stretch up beneath the canopy.
Looking skyward for more luscious treats.

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Anonymous said...

The second one has me wanting to leave to go apple picking. It really conjured up visual images for me.