Saturday, July 23, 2011

Revised poem post

Below is the final revision of a recent poem. 
Join a Writer's Circle at a local library.  The ladies in the group are nice, fun and appear to be quite talented.  This is a very good opportunity to share your work, any genre is accepted.  I'm looking forward to the next meeting, the first week of August.  Presenting the following poem for critique.  Hope you enjoy it.

High Rise Thunder
By Kimberly L. McClune
May 24, 2011

Muffled rumbling,
Long and low across the sky,

Sustained drum roll,
Resonant explosive charge
Detonates in the air.

Sepulchral vibrations,
Dampened roars
Linger, echoing into the distance.

Growling barrage
Reverberates, shrouded and soft
As the storm slowly abates.

Hoarse peal of thunder,
Murky and inhibited,
Fades, cloaked in dull clouds.

Restrained whispers,
The stifled booms,
Choked and Distorted,

Remove to the hills
Beyond the soggy,
Sodden landscape.

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