Friday, May 3, 2013

Been Writing Again

Amid my job searching and grant writing internship work I have had a few moments of inspiration creatively. Here are a few poems I came up with since the first of the year.  Also, I submitted more poems to Poetry Quarterly in hopes of being published again.

By Kimberly L McClune
January 3, 2013

When I am wet, my heart is open
Pliable and easy,
Smooth and bendable.

Mold me with Your spirit
Shape me into Your will
Make me in Your image.

I am Yours
I exist for You
I was created by You.

But when I am dry, I am hard
Coldness seeps in
My heart is closed.

I resist You
Push You away, 
Turn my back on You.

I let fear overwhelm me.
My spirit shudders, fades,
I cower inside, afraid.

My soul is dry, hard clay
Stiff and unyielding

Rain on me!
Make me supple again
Soft and flexible

Bend and shape me
Make me useful,
A jar to hold Your spirit. 

This piece was written in a moment of spiritual searching.  As you can see, I was asking God to make me His own and help me to not rely on my own powers and understanding, but His.  I found great peace in creating this.

Melody and Lyric
By Kimberly L. McClune
April 5, 2013

Lilting tones
Spilling over eardrums,
Slipping into the soul,
Married with sweet harmonies
Create moods in notes
And rhythms.

Stealing upwards
Toward the sky
Happy sounds lift spirits,
To soar with angels,
Carried on melodic themes
And intonations.

Letter formed
Gripping the heart
Touching the soul.
Carefully chosen rhymes
Stories of love
And heartbreak,

Reaching inside
Pulling at thoughts
Tugging at memories.
Told to open hearts,
Tales of sorrow
And joy.

This piece was written specifically for my former Music Professor at Lycoming College who is retiring this year after teacher there for 37 years.  He was very special and I wanted to create something to share with him on his retirement.  This was sent in a package along with some photos and the next poem to be placed in a memory book for him and his family.

On a Song
By Kimberly L. McClune
October 4, 2010

Taking flight,
Soaring in your heart over memories,
Hopes and dreams.

Reaching into yourself,
One moment flowing into another.

Time, captured by a tune,
Lost inside the melody
Held by the words,
Glint of a dream
Shadow of a tear.

While I recently sent this and the previous poem to my college for the memory book, I had written it a few years ago to recount my feelings and thoughts after listening to a particular;y touching song.  Music is an important part of my life, so is writing.  When the two are put together into a song, it is especially moving for me in most cases.  Both of these previous poems have been submitted to Poetry Quarterly as well.

I have written some other pieces since the first of the year, but I don't want to cram too much into this post.  Would that I could spend more time on poetry and stories.  I have several stories and many poems started and in various stages of completion.  Oh that the things that call me away from writing would do themselves so that I could just write and write and write.  Alas, this is but a dream.

I hope that you enjoy these pieces and will watch for another post soon with a few more recent works.

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