Monday, December 31, 2012

End of year poem.

So in the course of looking for work and writing articles and all that stuff, I found myself sitting in my quiet house the other day enjoying the world's silence.  Then, of course, the silence was broken by the most incredible sounds.  We've all heard it before, but to me it was a revelation and inspiration even.  From my broken silence was born a poem.

Geese Cacophony
Kimberly L McClune
December 29, 2012

Afternoon silence
Quiets the heart
Like dusk descending slowly
Across the horizon

A slow crescendo
Dawns on the senses
Gradual growing

Non-rhythmic squawks
Unharmonious honks
Out of sync

Noise grows across the sky
Honks and flaps
In scattered V
Graceless beauty

Headed South
Focused and determined
The geese cacophony

This simple poem is a revelation because I have been so caught up in trying to find a job and doing all the other massively important things that must be done in a life that I have not written anything new and creative in quite a few months. 

I hope this poem brings to mind the very experience of having your silence broken by such uncoordinated song birds. 

Do enjoy the last moments of this year and take time to think back on the joys and only the joys for the remainder must be left behind at midnight.

**credit for photo - Wikipedia

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