Friday, September 4, 2015

Know Yourself as a Writer

Recently, I was trolling about on a few writing blogs that I follow and found a post about knowing yourself as a writer.  Click here to access that blog post.  The author presents an exercise to help clarify reasons and motivations for writing as well as setting some goals.

Knowing your motivation and goals for writing, regardless of genre, theme, or style can be critical in your success, especially if you strive to make a career as a writer.  

When working on this exercise, I found myself feeling torn.  On the one hand, I write blogs for others and earn a bit of money.  On the other, I write my own blogs for practice and to express or share things that are meaningful to me.  On yet another hand, not sure where I get this hand from, I write poetry for myself and occasionally for others.  If my poetry is published, then it's an exciting bonus.

Would I love a full career as a writer?  I'm not certain.  While I enjoy writing and believe that I have some skill/talent, I'm not sure I want it to be my career, at least not right now.  Do I want to be a full time writer someday?  Yes, I do very much.

My answers to the questions in this exercise revealed an important fact about my writing that I need to change or I will not move forward, I need to spend more time writing.  Honestly, I spend too much time on wasted activities during my non-working hours.  It's a constant struggle, as I'm sure most can relate to.  In my own words from my post on August 3, 2015, "to be a good writer, you have to practice writing."  I hereby pledge that I will write for at least one hour everyday, 'cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!'  (Yes I will quote, and even swear an oath, from My Little Pony)

Another thing I learned about myself as a writer is that I write to tell stories.  Stories have always been a way for me to share my own thoughts, feelings and experiences with others.  I believe that I have always been a storyteller and always will be.  There are just multiple ways that I enjoy sharing a story.

What I have discovered about myself as a writer by answering these few seemingly simple questions is so enlightening.  Read through this post on Writing Forward and see what you learn about yourself. This blog is a very good for any writer of any genre or style.

Just by perusing some writing blogs that I enjoy, I found an exercise that has revealed some important aspects of myself as a writer.  In another six months to a year I'll answer these questions again to see if I've changed at all. I'll post my results here.  Comment below on how this exercise affected your outlook on writing and your knowledge of yourself as a writer.  I'd love to know more about you and your writing.

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