Friday, April 10, 2015

Regain Inspiration and/or Creative Focus

What can a creative person do when there is little inspiration and even less focus for their craft?

Well, some may go on retreats or hide away.  Some may turn to stimulants or drugs to push away the world, listen to music or steep themselves in a favorite pastime.  What an individual does when inspiration or focus are gone is as individual as the individual.  Some, like me, may turn a bit silly and say or write silly things to get the juices flowing again.

In this regard, I created the following ludicrous poem in an attempt to start typing on the old keyboard for a totally creative purpose.  My endeavor was to make myself rhyme and count syllables.  Neither of these are things I practice when I write poetry.  I tend to let the form and manner of my writing be dictated by what I am attempting to convey in the work.

So take this little ditty as a form of inspiration to inspire you to get past those moments when inspiration is on holiday.

Rhyming Fun Counting Syllables
Kimberly L McClune
April 10, 2015

Home alone,
Alone at home
Never on the telephone (7)
Seeing things that I am shown (7)

High and low
Low is high
Perhaps way up in the sky (7)
Going there where I can fly (7)

Thinking now
Then I think
Knowing that I think I know (7)
Thinking that I know I think (7)

Above below
Below above
Many things that I can show (7)
Showing all the things I know (7)

Truth or lie
Lying truth
Do you think that you are sly? (7)

Lying as you travel by (7) 

Now that you've had a good laugh at my expense, or now believe me to be totally insane, I bet you feel a little better about that lapse in creativity you've been struggling with.  Take heart in knowing that you’re not alone. 

Keep writing, or doing whatever creative activity charges your soul with life energy.  The above poem at least brought a smile to my face and heart through the mere act of creating it.  I could go on writing about this and you could go on reading, or we could both stop right now and get on with it, now that we’re inspired of course! 

Enjoy your creativity! J


Sheila said...

We should so figure out a way to do a little mini-creativity retreat. Maybe once I get my basement back in order...

Kimberly McClune said...


I wholeheartedly agree that we should have a creative day or even weekend. Sewing, cooking, writing, singing, oh just whatever we want.