Sunday, October 16, 2011

Two new poems

These two poems are seasonal.
The first I wrote after continual requests from my daughter to write about the pumpkin patch the kids at her school had planted and tended all summer.  They just finished harvesting all their pumpkins this last week.
The second was written this evening and I am going to submit it for possible publication.
It is a work in progress so be kind with comments.  Constructive comments are always welcome.
Enjoy them both.  They have been fun to put together.

Our Pumpkin Patch
By Kimberly L. McClune
October 11, 2011

Just out the door
Down the stairs
Lies our pumpkin patch.
Seeds planted early
Sprouted in summer
Then became leafy vines.

All summer we watched
Little vines grow and
Leaves spring out,
Covering our garden.

As Summer faded
Vines ceased wandering.
They twisted and curled.
Deep green leaves fanned out
As our little patch expanded.

The fan leaves
Hide our small treasures.
Almost colorless,
Tiny pumpkins peek out
Looking for the sun.

By Summer's end
Vines overtook their bed
Draping down the sides
Onto the sidewalk.
One adventurous vine
Crept to the stairs.
Will it come up to visit?

Fall is coming!
Fall is coming!
Heralds our little patch.

Ripened pumpkins
Hide in tangled vines.
Lifting fan leaves,
One, two, three…
We pluck our treasures.
Although they're small
Our harvest is big enough.

Christmas Wonderland
By Kimberly L. McClune
October 16, 2011

Colors blink across the ceiling
Flashes glow on the floor and walls.
We sit together enjoying the tree,
Humming favorite holiday tunes.

A handful of personal gifts
Placed beneath adorned boughs
Quiet words bid good night
Excited feet hurry to bed.

Heads lay against soft pillows
Waiting for sleep.
Will the jolly old man really come?
What will morning bring?

Sleep arrives and the night glows.
Snow filled clouds release their bounty
Into the cold night air.
A crystal veil shrouds the landscape.

Tiny gems glisten in lamp light
Icy fairy dust spins and drifts
Swirls and dances on chill winds
Alighting gently, quietly, peacefully.

Silent, secret snow gathers
Rooftops, branches, fences, lawns
All decorated with glittering crystals.
Snow ceases as dawn approaches.

A special light entices young eyes
Little noses press to windowpanes
Tiny hands embrace cold sills.
Behold a Christmas wonderland.

The night deposit of crystal joy
Ignites bewildered excitement.
Crystal frosted windows
Frame the delightful winter scene.

The landscape is transformed
No more dreary gray views
An enchanted world awaits.
With a gasp, the tree, the presents!!

Has he been here?
Little feet jump and prance
They fly to find Christmas waiting.
Surely this is a magical day.

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