Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weather as inspiration

Almost anything can inspire.  I take that back.  Anything can inspire.  After all inspiration is getting ideas from something that you come in contact with, something that makes you think, do, create.

Well, putting my child to bed tonight, we listened to the rain on her skylights.  The following was inspired by that experience, by the sound of the drops, by her trying to settle down to sleep.

Julia’s Rain
By Kimberly L. McClune
May 18, 2011

Trying to sleep
The low lit room was alive
With fresh, soft sound.
Rain tapped
Pita-pat on her window,

Her body became the rain
Her feet, tiny dancing droplets
Her legs, big fat drops,
Her body, mist clinging to the air
Her arms, great sheets of rain
Attacking sideways
Her head,
The sound itself.

Echoing in her ears
Cotton balls
Fairies feet
Drum roll
Fingers tapping

No rhythm
No pattern
Nothing sensible
It filled her completely,

Embodying the rain
Falling purposefully,
At first slowly, softly,
Then fearfully,
A weight.  Averse to landing,
She cuddled closely in the soft blanket.

Feeling the rain push onward
Press down,
Caress her consciousness
Taken by the rain,
She slept.

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